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Comprehensive solution of personnel time attendance

A comprehensive solution for personnel attendance

Used by institutions, organizations, departments and factories



Providing time attendance systems, movement control, authentication system and biometric identification

Sepidbox safe deposit box management system

  • What is SepidBox?

    SepidBox safe deposit box software is a safe deposit box management and automation system that provides a comprehensive solution for maintaining security and discipline to the management of banks, financial institutions and other centers and organizations by connecting to movement control hardware equipment and communicating with all types of safes.

SepidStar movement control management software

  • What is SepidStar?

    The SepidStar intelligent movement control management is a comprehensive network-based access and movement control software that makes you able to manage movement, personnel and movement ports, including movement gates, car parking, elevators and all electronic doors of a complex. The movement control software transfers movement information in real time through the network and also provides management of personnel, fingerprints and faces to the manager.

EKYC remote authentication

  • What is EKYC?

    Using the knowledge of its experts in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and providing smart remote authentication solutions based on biometrics and access control, Sepid System Company has designed its own solution in the field of electronic client identification (e-KYC) for remote authentication of clients of organizations, especially banks.

Biometric solutions

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Time attendance solution

Access control solution

Safe deposit box solution

Biometric authentication solution

Digital signature and encryption solution

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